26 Februari 2011


Legend is stories from the past which may not be based on fact.
                                                                 Indra Mayu
As a goddess of the palace of heaven, darma ayu had to swallow the bitter fate that fell in love with the son of a lodra wira tumenggung the magician. Because the prohibition against the rule, darma ayu finally banished to earth.
In his wanderings, wira lodra who had refused to love Putri kedasih then met Darma Ayu and fell in love. For the sake of his love, he even went after darma ayu to the palace of heaven. Here that he did not know if the woman he loves is considered tainted because of human love and exiled to earth by order of the queen of heaven.
After going through many adventures, wira lodra finally meet again with darma ayu that has become a little queen in a new area built by the inhabitants on the banks of the river cimanuk.
Together, they build the new area. However, happiness is ruined by the appearance of Putri Kedasih which claims to have impregnated wira Lodra. Just awful, darma ayu desperately disappointed after knowing that lodra wira was no longer a bachelor but the expectant father.
Although wira lodra vowed never to do anything, darma ayu does not believe it and decided to go. Just awful, wira lodra heartbroken and angry with the Putra kedasih. Apparently, the pregnancy was just a strategy to destroy the happiness wira lodra and darma ayu.
With the help of Guru sambega, wira lodra eventually dismantle the lies and plays putri kedasih. In a surprise, putri kedasih struck by the fact that aji the teacher who helped to look pregnant with spell sudden death.
As a result, kedasih’s bloated stomach forever like a pregnant woman but would never give birth. Meanwhile, wira lodra can only regret the departure of darma ayu by calling the call in tears darmayu affection. It is said that the name of the city darmayu indramayu come.

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