7 November 2011

Dak tau lah

My family
 married life consisted of a husband and wife are the smallest part of the community comprising heads of families and some people who gathered and lived in a place under a roof in a state of mutual need.

That's my family, I have both parents and two sisters. My parents worked as farmers in remote villages but my parents never tired to work in her children. They have a very firm stance, it's hard to convince my parents again, they stand firm made ​​my pains that they are not the person who recklessly, my father used to have the ideals of the military but his goal was not achieved due to cost constraints and the prohibition of parents, while my mother, aspires to educate their children, including my study of religion. My brother also inherited my parents have a solid stance and brilliant thinking. While I have little resemblance to their eyebrows. My father now sudag age 54 and my mom while 52 sister berusaia my first 23 years and my sister are both 20 mtahun while I sindiri the last born seklai or commonly called the youngest child aged 18 years. I also just like my brother is still in the study. It is very I want is to see my grandparents because they were all my age are gone. That's my family.
thank you.

My love
Love that never can terdifinisikan by common sense he anchored from the end of the eye to the liver and flows down to kepikiran so words that nobody can guess from the words of love. Aa is said love is blind, I also do not know what love is blind.

I walked from the silence of the night breeze caught wind that entered into my bones, I do not meet the definition of love. After the vines have grown old I was I could feel the blindness of love it and I started to understand why my love and human love kepaa was not mentioned in Islam because it goes a love who is in love but the love is walking in blindness. My love stopped when parting words were entered into my ears and I find love everlasting love of God the creator of nature.

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